Galleria d’arte a Rimini (Art gallery and framing in Rimini)

“I learned my trade thanks to my father, who taught me how to identify materials and work with my hands and my heart. I’ll never forget the day when he left me free to trust my intuition: that day, I created my first frame by following nothing but my instincts and my personal point of view. I’ll never forget the great delight and satisfaction it gave me to make my first customer happy!From then on, I too began to believe in my capabilities and my capacity to be sensitive to the needs of collectors and the works. I still seek out that feeling of mutual satisfaction and contentment in my work today!” The Zamagni Art Gallery and in-house framing workshop is a personal project that is built on passion, years of experience and networking. Founder Gianluca Zamagni had always dreamed of opening his doors to the Italian and international art scenes in a place like this.Combining innovation and tradition, the Zamagni Art Gallery has long-established roots in the world of Italian craftsmanship because it is an offshoot of Angolo della Cornice: a framing shop that is renowned throughout the Rimini area for its products and the services that it provided for artists and other creative talents for many years. As well as displaying works by big names such as Mario Sironi, Mario Schifano, Mario Giacomelli, Franco Fontana, Giovanni Lombardini, and Stefano Ronci, the gallery hosts solo and group exhibitions, book presentations, and events where guests can meet artists.In addition to a new framing workshop, inside the gallery there is a welcoming little corner that serves as a “literary salon” where people can get together, read and rediscover their love for books and other publications.


Superior frames

The Zamagni Gallery takes an innovative, refined approach and makes the most of its vast experience in the world of craftsmanship. For many years it has devotedly nurtured both its attention to detail and its customer relations. Inside the gallery, there is a large area where first-rate, highly customisable frames are made. As well as serving as a hub of innovation and creativity, the workshop brings out the best of craftsmanship and know-how that have been handed down through the generations. Zamagni frames stem from experience dating back to 1964, know-how that is passed down from father to son in the workshop, tireless research, constant improvements to materials and techniques, and most importantly dedication to the customers, whose wishes are carefully noted. Gianluca Zamagni is an artisan who appreciates the crucial role that frames play in complementing works and enhancing their value without outshining them.

Valuations of works – 20th century artists from Rimini

The Zamagni Gallery takes a prominent role when it comes to selecting and valuing artists and works of art. It can help to steer collectors in the right direction in the modern and contemporary art market. Gianluca Zamagni has vast experience working with local artists and all by himself he has created a place that they have come to rely upon over the years. It is somewhere that customers and collectors go when they want to be amazed: “they come in looking for a frame and they leave with a story to tell”. All of this has made Gianluca Zamagni one of the leading local modern and contemporary art experts and connoisseurs, focusing in particular on 20th century artists from Rimini

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