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ZOOM – Cecchini guarda Cecchini. Il realismo dell’illusione (Cecchini on Cecchini: realism in illusion)

Stefano Cecchini and Davide Cecchini

“Zoom” is based on an idea by Stefano Cecchini. The name has a dual meaning because “zoom” refers to the type of lens that can be used to vary focal length, but it also contains the word “zoo”, which comes from the Greek term for “animal”. It is the artist’s way of highlighting his passion for nature and wild animals. He chose to go about it with the aid of a counterpart who can provide an alternative point of view, setting his own course but following in the wake left by Stefano Cecchini’s paintbrush. The “alternative” perspective is that of his namesake Davide Cecchini, a young photographer. The pair might have different outlooks and tools, but they both share an interest in the animal kingdom that Stefano has been portraying for years. Consequently, C. & C. decided to join forces. The aim behind their symbiotic artistic union in the gallery is to show (with the help of an outstanding green design by Morolli Fiori and Santabago) just how differently the same subject can be seen and depicted. Cecchini interpreted the paintings of Cecchini. The result was “Zoom”.

La voce della pittura. EGO N. (The voice of painting: EGO N)

La voce della pittura. EGO N. (The voice of painting: EGO N) EGO N is the latest initiative in the “La Voce della pittura” (“The voice of painting”) series. Words and images come together in a double tribute to the magnificent, tormented prince of the Vienna Secession. Two friends and artists have engaged in a

Il ritratto nell’arte… raccontato nell’epoca dei selfie (The history of portraits in art… as told in the selfie era)

Il ritratto nell’arte… raccontato nell’epoca dei selfie “The history of portraits in art” might seem like a tired and overly academicised subject, but the desire, ambition and need that people feel to leave their image for posterity as concrete proof of their existence has never been so topical. With the aid of some extraordinary pictures,

Massimo Pulini – Flâneur

Massimo Pulini – Flâneur “Who is the flâneur? A wanderer or a poet, an idler or an aesthete, a dreamer or a realist? Balzac described flânerie as “the gastronomy of the eye” and claimed that it was a strolling-based science. Flâneurs are connoisseurs with exacting tastes who like to please their eyes rather than their

La Voce Della Pittura – Victorien (The voice of painting – Victorien)

La Voce Della Pittura – Victorien (The voice of painting – Victorien) Victorien is the first in a series of four initiatives revolving around the colour black. It will culminate in the publication of a book and it has united two friends and artists “In the name” (this will be the title of the volume as

Supernativo Assoluto svelato (Absolute Supernative revealed)

Meet the artist Supernativo Assoluto svelato (Absolute Supernative revealed) CialtronArte (Slob Art) and the forms it takes in the new “Monumentale creazione” (“Monumental creation”) by Stefano Davidson. These are dark times when everything is going downhill rapidly, so we need superheroes… Stefano Davidson is here to astound and enchant us with a “Babel pantheon” and

Zino – Bad Dream

Zino – Bad Dream The Zamagni Gallery was delighted to unveil its first exhibition at 6.30 pm on Friday 14 June. It followed on from the official opening of the gallery in April 2019, when it showcased the artists in its stable and gave the public the chance to see its new premises on Via

Official opening of the Zamagni Gallery

A historic move By Gianluca Zamagni, 12/04/2019 A month after Angolo della Cornice closed its doors, today I am back at work in new premises, following a move that I might be bold enough to call “historic”. My father opened Angolo della Cornice 55 years ago, in 1964. It was originally a glass and framing