Meet the artist
Supernativo Assoluto svelato (Absolute Supernative revealed)
CialtronArte (Slob Art) and the forms it takes in the new “Monumentale creazione” (“Monumental creation”) by Stefano Davidson.

These are dark times when everything is going downhill rapidly, so we need superheroes… Stefano Davidson is here to astound and enchant us with a “Babel pantheon” and art made from everyday materials, such as recycled cardboard and lipstick! Heroes and the world of comic strips have been brought together, leading to the emergence of “supermodern” superheroes!
In what Davidson himself affectionately calls “Slob Art”, superheroes and the Olympian gods and goddesses have made way for ordinary men and women who have their faults and in some cases are disagreeable or even genuinely bad people… Nonetheless, they are here at a time when humankind needs to be saved from itself!
Superheroes are among us. They ARE us!
Davidson put together a breathtaking exhibition in which the possible became impossible. Once again, he showed us that art is “Slob Art” and that, at the end of the day, he too is a superhero straight out of a comic book.