A historic move
By Gianluca Zamagni, 12/04/2019

A month after Angolo della Cornice closed its doors, today I am back at work in new premises, following a move that I might be bold enough to call “historic”.
My father opened Angolo della Cornice 55 years ago, in 1964. It was originally a glass and framing shop, but over the years it gradually developed in a home for the fine arts. I learned my trade step by step and day by day, following my father and watching everything he did. I was like an apprentice in the workshop of a great master.

I started work when I was 14 years old and I cannot remember ever stopping for as long as I have in the last few weeks. However, now that I can walk around my new premises, I know that it was worth the long wait. I am still the same person and I have no plans to change. As soon as you step inside the Zamagni Gallery, you will see that I am still the same frame maker that you have always known. I decided to put a large, eye-catching area for the “tidy” side of my framing work right next to the entrance of the gallery. The frames are essentially on display in the shop window, which is not such a strange thing for an artisan. I have a big workbench in the middle of the gallery that makes it plain to see that I appreciate not just the importance but also the need to complement works of art: I endeavour to respect and bring out the best of the pieces by the many artists that I am lucky enough to know.

Numerous local tradesmen, artisans and companies have contributed to the creation of the gallery, which spans almost 400 m². The aim is to introduce more and more people to the work of local artists who have collaborated with me for years, such as Giovanni Lombardini, Stefano Cecchini and Stefano Ronci, while also expanding the range of modern and contemporary art on show. The pieces on display at the time of the opening include some outstanding paintings by Mario Sironi and Mario Schifano, two magnificent sculptures by Staccioli and Spagnulo, and a small selection of photographs by Mario Giacomelli, Nobuyoshi Araki and Franco Fontana. I would like to mention all of the many artists whose works are on show:

Nobuyoshi Araki, Marco Bolognesi, Stefano Cecchini, Primo Conti, Kiril Cholakov, Giorgio de Chirico, Filippo De Pisis, Franco Fontana, Mario Giacomelli, Giovanni Lombardini, Marino Marini, Svetislav Martinović, André Masson, Giorgio Morandi, Massimo Pulini, Stefano Ronci, Mario Schifano, Gino Severini, Mario Sironi, Giuseppe Spagnulo, Mauro Staccioli and Zino.

I hope that people from Rimini and beyond come to the gallery to enjoy the works on display and that it can spark a greater appreciation of art among the general public. A number of exhibitions, book presentations and discussions about art will be organised throughout the year. We are currently preparing two exhibitions: one in the summer and one in the autumn.
I hope to see you soon in the new gallery that I have opened in the city of Rimini, for the city of Rimini.