La Voce Della Pittura – Victorien (The voice of painting – Victorien)

Victorien is the first in a series of four initiatives revolving around the colour black. It will culminate in the publication of a book and it has united two friends and artists “In the name” (this will be the title of the volume as a whole) of a number of great artists.

For each drawing in which Franco Pozzi lovingly gives a fresh twist to the lines of the chosen artists, there is a piece of poetry by Sabrina Foschini that complements the voices of the artists in question and the people alongside them. The aim is to bring to the fore the indescribable beauty of the least prominent but most important figure associated with each work: the person who created it.

Instead of following a chronological order, during the first evening event we have decided to present Victor Hugo (who not only wrote but also drew), because the recent Notre-Dame fire has had a huge impact on us. In our own way, we will thus be paying tribute to the stricken cathedral by discussing the French writer behind a sweet yet savage story that will forever be associated with it in our collective imagination. The day after the blaze, all of the copies of “The Hunchback of Notre-Dame” in the bookshops of Paris sold out. It was as if people were trying to keep memories of the cathedral alive.

During the four evening events, NFC will present ten exclusive one-off packs containing original drawings by Franco Pozzi and signed written contributions by Sabrina Foschini.

Admission is free (limited places are available).

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