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Luigi Franchi, better known by the pseudonym Zino, was born in Teramo in 1973.
He graduated from the University of Bologna with a degree in the History of Art in the 1990s, then moved to Rome and began collaborating with a number of artists based in a former pasta factory. That was where his love for contemporary art first developed.
Zino subsequently helped to produce a number of installations for art events in Abruzzo, then he completed a restoration course at Palazzo Spinelli in Florence in 2003.
In 2013 Zino began to focus on a career as an artist and he was soon exhibiting his works in various public institutions, galleries and art fairs.
Underlying his work is a constant search for new formal solutions to speak about society today and an urge to experiment with the expressive potential of different approaches.
Zino takes a close interest in topics relating to contemporary society, from consumerism and globalisation to pop culture and young fashion. One of the distinguishing features of the path that he has chosen is the use of a variety of materials that mostly come from non-artistic spheres, such as Lego bricks, PVC balls and 3D prints.
The roots of his latest endeavour lie in Tape Art, which involves utilising various types of adhesive tape to create works of art.
The use of coloured tape has become the key defining feature of his most recent works. It has enabled him to establish a whole new form of communication, treading the line between the languages of pop/mass media and street art.
Zino lives and works in Rimini.

Group exhibitions

Mario Sironi e il contemporaneo (Mario Sironi and contemporary art), Augeo Art Space, Rimini, Italy – curated by Gianluca Zamagni and Matteo Sormani
Pop, la vita oltre i barattolo (Pop: life beyond the cans), Palazzo del Podestà, Soresina (Cremona), Italy, – curated by Francesco Tutti
Compagni, declinazioni contemporanee (Comrades: contemporary configurations), Arts Centre, Carrara, Italy, – curated by Andrea Zanetti
Linea di Contorno (Line of partition) – Santa Sofia Complex, Salerno, Italy – curated by Marcello Francolini
Convivium – Sotto lo stesso cielo (Under the same sky) – Pino Pascali Foundation, Polignano a Mare (Bari), Italy – curated by Rosalba Branà
#Community – CAMEC Centre for Modern and Contemporary Art, La Spezia, Italy – curated by Cinzia Compalati
#Community – CAP Plastic Arts Centre, Carrara, Italy – curated by Andrea Zanetti
Circolare (Circular) show – Caravan SetUp – Bologna Coach Station, Italy – curated by Simona Gavioli and Alice Zannoni
Capri: the island of art – Capri Palace, Anacapri (Naples), Italy – curated by Marco Izzolino
Nuovi codici (New codes) – Pixelage – Palazzo Stanga Trecco, Cremona, Italy – curated by Alice Zannoni
Donkey Art Prize finalist – Chiyoda art centre, Tokyo, Japan
Qui si parrà la tua nobilitate (Here thy nobility shall be manifest) – Marche Centro d’Arte – Multi-purpose Room, Cupra Marittima (Ascoli Piceno), Italy – curated by Dario Ciferri
Marche Centro d’Arte, Teratofobia (Teratophobia), Palazzo Parisse, Monteprandone (Ascoli Piceno), Italy – curated by M.L. Paiato

Solo exhibitions

Juggernaut Project – Palazzo Vizzani, Bologna, Italy – curated by Camilla Sanguinetti and Luca Ciancabilla
Si vis pacem, para bellum – Galleria B4, Bologna, Italy – curated by Luca Ciancabilla and Raffaele Quattrone
Explosion – Torre dei Vescovi di Luni, Castelnuovo Magra (La Spezia), Italy, curated by Andrea Zanetti
De finibus immagine (De finibus image) – Biennale del Disegno (Drawing Biennale) – NFC, Rimini, Italy – curated by Guya Bacciocchi
Sacroprofano (Sacred-profane) – 1 Opera Gallery, Naples, Italy – curated by Pietro Tatafiore
Codex – Marconi Gallery, Cupra Marittima (Ascoli Piceno), Italy – curated by Giuliana Benassi
Idols – Villa Filiani, Pineto (Teramo), Italy – curated by Lucia Zappacosta
Luogo Comune (Commonplace) – Lombarda car park, Milan, Italy – curated by Raffaele Quattrone
Pop notes – Aretusa Gallery, Pietrasanta (Lucca), Italy – curated by Andrea Zanetti
Imago mundi – Cesare Manzo Gallery, Pescara, Italy – curated by M. L. Paiato
Pops, totem e tribù del terzo millennio (Pops, totems and tribes of the third millennium), Palma Room, Teramo, Italy – curated by Alberto Melarangelo
Art Fairs
SetUp 2017 – Bologna Coach Station, Italy – feat. Galleria B4
SetUp 2016 – Bologna Coach Station, Italy – feat. YAB (Young Artist Bay) Association
SetUp 2015 – Bologna Coach Station, Italy – feat. Yoruba Association
Art Innsbruck 2015 – feat. Unique Gallery, Turin, Italy
SetUp 2014 – Bologna Coach Station, Italy – feat. Yoruba Association